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Most models of gas grills come with warming racks, but they're often not used, which is a shame because there are so many great ways to use them. A reheating rack is a grid used to cook food at a lower temperature or keep food warm. It is usually located on the main grill and a few inches away from the grill. As a result, food placed on the reheating rack is exposed to less heat.

This convenient accessory not only provides extra space under the reheating rack on the grill but also allows you to keep your finished food warm for longer without the risk of overcooking.

Maybe you don't know!

* Keep things warm - The reheating rack is a great place to transfer food until it's finished or almost done and you just want to keep it warm while you're grilling other dishes. Move them to the reheating rack to prevent them from overcooking and maintain the heat.

* Extra grilling area – There are times when we grill a lot of things that need direct high heat such as meat and sausages,...but some things don't need direct high heat such as baked potatoes, vegetables, bread,... We can season them, wrap them in foil, and place them on the reheating rack for slow cooking. I tried it with foil-wrapped asparagus, peppers, and many other vegetables - perfect results.

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* Evacuation zone – Sometimes when we are baking something and they overheat. If you're baking a lot of things at once and there's no room left on the grill, in this situation you can move them to the reheating rack.

* The area of ​​bread – A lot of people like to grill hot dogs and burgers before eating. The warming rack is a great place to put them without burning them too much.

So don't let your warming rack go to waste and set it up and bake!

How to install warming rack on gas grill

Here are a few different ways to use your warming rack:

Keep heat or slow grill steak after grilling

Next time you grill a steak, try using the grill's reheating rack. You can still grill steaks by placing them on the main grill. After grilling each side for a few minutes, transfer your steaks to a reheating rack. The main grill helps lock in the steak's juices and create a crust, while the reheating rack slows down the insides of your steaks without drying them out.

Hamburger or Hotdog Buns

Use the grill's warming rack to grill burgers and hot dogs. Placing the dumplings on the main grill of grill can burn them. The grill can easily reach or exceed 500 degrees Fahrenheit, enough heat to ignite burgers and hot dogs. However, because the reheating rack is set a few inches higher than the main grill, it allows you to bake more perfectly. Remember to coat the grill with oil so that the cake doesn't stick.

Here are a few different ways to use your warming rack

Keep vegetables warm

The warming rack is ideal for keeping vegetables warm while the rest of your food is still baking on the main cooking rack. For example, if you are cooking ribs with whole corn, the corn will probably cook faster than the ribs. Once your corn is done cooking on the main griddle, you can transfer the corn to the reheating rack. The reheating rack will keep your corn — or any other food — warm until the rest of your food is done cooking. When taking food out of the main cooking grid, you can also remove food from the warming grid.

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Cook potatoes

You can't always cook potatoes by placing them directly on the main grill of grill. Doing so exposes the potatoes to excessive heat, resulting in burnt outside and undercooked inside. The simple solution is to use a reheating rack to bake them slowly and cook them more thoroughly.

Add sauce to food

You can use the reheating rack to add sauces to food. For example, if you want to add barbecue sauce to the ribs, transfer the ribs to a warming rack and then spread the sauce you want on them. With low heat, the reheating rack won't burn your barbecue sauce. It will provide just enough heat to keep the ribs and sauce warm.

Rearrange food

If you are grilling a lot of food on the grill, it will be a little difficult for you to move, and still have to make sure it all fits on the main grill. If your gas grill has a warming rack, you can temporarily move your food there to change the position of other food.

These are just a few ways to use your grill reheater. The warming rack is so versatile, once you start using your grill's warming rack you'll probably discover other uses for it.

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