How to grill sausage on gas grill? -

Sausages are thin or thick cylindrical pieces of meat made from ground pork, beef, or veal. Combining the best characteristics of meats into a delicious, always tender dish, seasoned with care and sparingly.

Being able to put something together is easy and fast without much thought or preparation. So, if you are a particularly busy person, grilled sausages are the perfect solution for you.

Your guide to everything you need to know about grilling sausages – a simple method to grill perfect sausages every time with a gas grill.

After you learn how to grill sausages properly, I'm pretty sure they'll appear regularly on your daily menu.

EASY - It takes no more than 15 minutes to cook a whole batch of sausages. Most of the time baking is completely hands-free and requires no preparation. Meals are easier than ever!

FLEXIBLE - Once you understand the sausage grilling technique, you can apply it to any sausage you find.

CONVENIENT - You can simply toss a few hot dogs on the grill for a quick weeknight dinner or feed the whole crowd, easily and affordably, at a backyard BBQ.

DELICIOUS - This method creates the perfect tasty sausage with a crispy exterior and delicious flavor.

VERY EASY - Worth mentioning twice…grilling a sausage is a simple and easy option that works for everyone.


  • Cooked sausages are made fresh and then cooked. They can also be smoked and eaten hot or cold.
  • Fresh sausages are made from meat that has not been processed before. Before eating, they must be cooked. Smoked and cured sausages can also be fresh sausages.
  • Dried sausages are treated, fermented, and dried. They can be smoked and are usually eaten cold.
  • There is a type of sausage that is almost a type of raw meat, ground and seasoned. There are also vegetarian sausages made from soybeans, tofu, herbs, and spices.

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Note: A properly made sausage should have fine, discrete portions of fat that blend into the meat, in a ratio of 20% to 40% (or even more). Most hover around the 30% mark, making them richer and juicier than almost any steak you'll find outside.

Our job is to make them fully cooked without drying out the skin, breaking the sausage, or burning the outside.

Learn how to grill sausages so they don't burn and retain their flavor with a gas grill.

Several options

Split and bake

Cut the sausage lengthwise, about 80 percent of the length. Then spread it out and lay it flat. This is a great way to cook the insides quickly: you can place the skin side up without the skin drying out. Of course, with this method, you're expanding the sausage so that the water runs out, which tends to dry out the sausage. This is a neater way to cook, but it also leaves the sausages lacking flavor.

Boiled and grilled

Boil sausages by boiling each part of the sausage. For example, you can put a sausage in half water and half beer before putting it on the grill. Adding something to the water will enhance the flavor and help the sausages partially cook before grilling.

Several options

To pre-boil, drop the sausage in the boiling water long enough for the sausage to thicken. As you pull the sausage out, the fat inside will begin to liquefy.

Next, place the sausages on the grill over medium-low heat and finish cooking. This method gives you juicy sausages and is a popular way of grilling. Also, it's a surefire way to keep the crust from breaking.

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Grilled straight

Place the sausages right on the grill and grill in the traditional way. The biggest problem with this is that people often use high heat and burn the surface before the middle is cooked.

How to grill sausage on gas grill

Grilling sausages may seem like a simple task, but like most other simple things, doing it well is not easy.

They can burn and break before they are cooked, resulting in dry sausages and a loss of delicious flavor.

  • Below 120°F (48.9°C): Raw meat
  • At 120°F: The shell begins to shrink, putting pressure on the flesh inside. At the same time, the myosin protein begins to coagulate, pushing some of the fluid out of the muscle cells.
  • At 140°F (60°C): The skin, ground muscle, and inner fat are cooked and opaque. At this stage, some shrinkage will occur
  • Above 155°F (68.3°C): The protein continues to shrink, eventually squeezing out so much water and fat that it can no longer hold inside. Fat and gravy come out of the meat and accumulate under the surface of the skin.

How to grill sausage on gas grill

Grilled area

The secret behind how to grill the sausage perfectly lies in the grilling area. By creating 2 heat zones on the grill, you can first cook the sausages with really gentle, steady indirect heat before grilling them over strong direct heat for a delicious scorched finish. This is super easy and the sausages will turn out perfect, too.

* Regional grilling on a gas grill:

Prepare your gas grill for zone baking by turning on 1-2 burners on the highest heat and 1-2 burners on the lowest. This creates a strong direct heat zone (directly over a “high” burner flame) & a lighter direct heat zone (directly over a “low” burner flame).

Carefully monitor their internal temperature with a thermometer so that the inside temperature rises to 150°F (66°C) while the outside reaches a perfectly crisp, glossy, and deep brown color.

How to grill sausage on gas grill

Using this method, you can get a well-cooked sausage with an added smoke-grilled flavor.

There are several other advantages to this approach. I've found that once the sausages are at full temperature, if you remove the grill cover and place the sausages as far away from the heat source as possible, they will stay hot but won't continue to cook.

How to grill sausage on gas grill

If you're going to cut the sausage for another recipe, any method that preserves the flavor will work. However, if you want to use sausages immediately after grilling, be sure to grill them gently. This will preserve the look as well as the taste.

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How to grill sausage on gas grill

You can make breakfast sausages, pasta ragu, skewers, or even chili sauce hot dogs. If you don't like that, make a sausage roll, use it as a pizza topping, or stuff it into a sizzling baguette.

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